The Science

Cell Therapy: A Potentially Curative Approach to Autoimmunity

Kyverna is on the forefront of developing advanced cellular therapies designed to be selective, potent, and durable with sustained therapeutic effect. Our therapeutic platform leverages T cell engineering and synthetic biology technologies to target the underpinnings of autoimmunity: CAR T cells (chimeric antigen receptor T cells), synReg T cells (synthetic regulatory T cells) and synNotch CAR T cells. By offering more than one mechanism for taming autoimmunity, Kyverna will have the opportunity to transform how autoimmune diseases are treated.

Creating “smarter” CAR T cells

Leveraging advances in CAR T engineering and insights from the use of conventional CAR T cell therapies for cancer, Kyverna is building a robust collection of cell therapy assets and tools to address multiple targets implicated in the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases.

Targeted cellular therapies that address the complexities of the immune system and its various disease mechanisms

Using our SmarTcellTM genetic engineering platform – including CAR T cells, synReg T cells , and synNotch CAR T cells – we are programming immune cells with instructions to eliminate or suppress pathogenic cells in the diseased tissues in which they are exerting their deleterious effects. Our product candidates leverage our deep understanding of the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases to select the appropriate technology for each disease.
Synreg T Cell Platform Synreg T Cell Platform

Kyverna’s synReg T cells are a synthetic version of Regulatory T Cells (Tregs), powerful natural immune cells that suppress autoimmune disease through multiple immunosuppressive mechanisms. synReg T cells are engineered from patient or healthy donor T lymphocytes and are genetically reprogrammed to enable them to navigate to diseased tissues and to then suppress the pathogenic properties of autoreactive immune cells. synReg T cells can also be programmed to produce novel therapeutic molecules that further enhance their disease-modifying properties over natural Tregs.

Synnotch Car t Platform Synnotch Car t Platform

Under a license agreement with Gilead/Kite, Kyverna is using the synNotch technology to develop synNotch CAR T cells (chimeric antigen receptor T cells) for autoimmune diseases. The synNotch receptor offers a very direct and simple mechanism of signal transduction. Engagement of the synNotch receptor with its ligand releases the intracellular domain of synNotch, which then acts as a transcriptional regulator to control the expression of a second circuit component, such as a CAR receptor. Leveraging synNotch technology, a synthetic gene expression system that responds to specified external cues, we are engineering synNotch CAR T cells with a logic circuit to recognize pathogenic cells. The synNotch technology can be used to trigger T cell activation at a specific cell, within a specific tissue, or within an inflamed environment.