Over 80 known
autoimmune diseases.

Suboptimal treatments.

No cures.

We are bringing curative living medicines to life to free patients from the siege of autoimmune disease.

Our Approach

Navigating what’s next in synthetic biology, immunology and cell engineering to create a new class of T-cell therapies programmed to target and selectively modulate the underlying causes of autoimmunity.

Our Story

Trailblazing Science Meets Unmet Patient Need

Kyverna is innovating cell therapy as a potentially curative approach to autoimmunity. Unlike current immunomodulatory treatments known to provide incremental disease control through chronic dosing, cell therapy holds the promise of appropriately modulating the immune system through a single – or relatively few – infusion(s) to achieve optimal and long-lasting disease control.

Our Technology

Smart Science, Smarter Medicines

Kyverna is developing living therapies with multiple immunosuppressive mechanisms to help restore balance to the immune system. Our approach leverages two platforms to target the underpinnings of autoimmunity: synReg-T cells (synthetic regulatory T cells) to suppress pathogenic immune cells in specific organs and tissues, and synNotch CAR-T cells (chimeric antigen receptor T cells) with dual receptor recognition logic to eliminate pathogenic immune cells. synNotch is an enabling T cell engineering technology licensed from Gilead/Kite.



Big visions require bold collaborations. We are actively exploring in-licensing and technology expansion opportunities and welcome your ideas here.


Join the front lines of a cell therapy revolution where scientists, industry veterans and health-care visionaries are creating a new class of living medicines for autoimmune disease.