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Image for Peter Maag, PhD
Peter Maag, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Image for James Chung, MD, PhD
James Chung, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer

Image for Karen Walker
Karen Walker

Chief Technology Officer

Image for Dominic Borie, MD, PhD
Dominic Borie, MD, PhD

President, Research and Development

Image for Ryan Jones, MBA
Ryan Jones, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Image for Tom Van Blarcom, PhD
Tom Van Blarcom, PhD

Senior Vice President and Head of Research

Image for Devin Murray
Devin Murray

Senior Vice President, Partnerships & Alliances

Image for Seshadri (“Sesha”) Srinivasachari, MBA
Seshadri (“Sesha”) Srinivasachari, MBA

Vice President, Program Lead

Image for Benjamin Dewees, RAC
Benjamin Dewees, RAC

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Quality

Image for Portia Serame
Portia Serame

Vice President, Human Resources

Board of Directors

Image for Beth Seidenberg, MD
Beth Seidenberg, MD

Founding Managing Director, Westlake Village BioPartners; General Partner, Kleiner Perkins

Image for Fred Cohen, MD
Fred Cohen, MD

Co-Founder and Sr. Managing Director at Vida Ventures

Image for Steve Liapis, PhD
Steve Liapis, PhD

Director, Northpond Ventures

Image for Brian Kotzin, MD
Brian Kotzin, MD

Independent Director

Image for Dan Spiegelman
Dan Spiegelman

Independent Director

Image for Ian Clark
Ian Clark

Chairman of the Board

Image for Peter Maag, PhD
Peter Maag, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

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