Eugene C. Butcher, M.D.

Klaus Bensch Professor of Pathology at Stanford

Eugene C. Butcher, M.D. is the Klaus Bensch Professor of Pathology at Stanford and a staff physician at the Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System. He received a B.S. in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an M.D. from Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis. His academic work has focused on the mechanisms and significance of lymphocyte and leukocyte trafficking in immunity and inflammation, and on systems level insights into mechanisms of cell-cell recognition and function. Among other awards, he received the Crafoord Prize from the Swedish Academy of Sciences in 2004 for the discovery of mechanisms of leukocyte trafficking contributing to the treatment of inflammatory diseases. His studies of vascular addressins have led to the development of transformational treatments for colitis and Crohn’s disease, including anti-a4b7 (Vedolizumab) and anti-b7 integrin (Etrolizumab) antibodies. Butcher also pioneered quantitative human cell systems biology approaches to disease modeling for chemical genomics and drug discovery. He was a scientific founder and co-chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of Leukosite, Inc. (merged with Millennium Pharmaceuticals, now Takeda) and has served on the Scientific Advisory Boards of Millennium, Medimmune, and other biopharmaceutical companies. He co-founded and served as director and chair of the SAB of Bioseek, Inc., a company dedicated to drug discovery through human biology. He is co-founder of Leuvas, Inc., a virtual biotech company targeting leukocyte-vascular interactions for the therapeutic control of inflammation in autoimmunity and neurodegeneration.